Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

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Pain relief. Relaxation. Sports recovery.

NMT employs a variety of techniques that targets muscles and the nervous system together. NMT is not only about the massage techniques used, but takes into account the whole person. Posture, movement and the mind are all considered with Neuromuscular Therapy.

I aim to help you manage stress, reduce pain, correct posture or keep you playing your sport. By tailoring my treatments through the use of specific and targeted massage, stretches and exercises my one and only goal is to see you moving right!

advance NMT is located in Orewa House, by Walnut Cottage. Visits by appointment only.
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Move and Maintain

You love your sport, you want to keep doing it. But you have a niggling calf pain that keeps occurring. Or no matter what you do your body just feels tight all over and limiting. Massage can be tailored to provide much needed relief and work to achieving your sporting goals.


Injury? Headaches? Back Pain?

Have you had an injury? Or has pain just been there for far too long? By looking at movement dysfunction, overall health and conditions, the right treatment plan is made for you, to not only manage pain, but also treat the underlying cause.


Reduce stress

With the mind racing how can you focus on what needs to be done? By calming the nervous system with the long flowing strokes of traditional Swedish massage you can improve sleep, mood and mental clarity, feel lighter and refreshed.

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Therapist BIO

Chris Sutton

Neuromuscular Massage Therapist

I started massage therapy in 2016 when I wanted more than just a job. Through my work I get to study the fascinating human body and gift that knowledge to others by helping them move right and feel great. (Dip. HSc & Th. Massage; Cert. Relaxation Massage; RMT MNZ)

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  • 498 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Inside Osteo Me, by Walnut Cottage. Visits by appointment only.