NMT targets the right muscles

Neuromuscular Therapy is a modality of massage therapy that aims at using massage to make you better. It's all about HOW the massage techniques are used; engaging properly with the nervous system to make lasting changes.

NMT is direct and targeted to the right muscles. It is often gentle but can be intense. However, it is never painful.

NMT improves circulation, releases trigger points, frees trapped nerves, loosens fascia, stretches short muscles and strengthens weak muscles, and (importantly) aims at relaxing you.

It's a full body-mind approach!

NMT is more of a medically orientated massage, looking at not only reducing the persons pain but also trying to find out the underlying cause.

Faulty movement patterns, repetitive strain, pathology, posture, stress, are all considered to best direct the massage treatment to the right areas as well as giving the correct stretches and exercises.

What about relaxing? Relaxation is probably at the forefront of massage and why it's so effective. Even trigger point work can be oddly relaxing. If the body and mind are calm, healing can begin. I usually like to start or finish with relaxation type massage to make sure you leave feeling relaxed.