What to expect...

Sessions normally involve a little chat to find out what's going on. Often I do testing, looking at posture and movement, to figure out how best to direct the massage for you.

During a session massage is often gentle, flowing and relaxing. Sometimes a deeper pressure and intensity is required to activate and ease trigger points and areas of discomfort. This is necessary to make changes to the body. 

Even if doing therapeutic massage I  try to end with relaxing techniques in order for the body to ease and wind down.

Usually you will be required to dress down to your underwear in order to massage, however privacy is maintained by using blankets and professional draping techniques throughout the entire session.

Some tenderness and discomfort can be felt after a massage, this is normal and can last for a day or two afterwards.

Depending on what is going on you may notice immediate changes to your current condition or changes may be slower. It's good to remember that it takes time and energy for dysfunction to arise in the body, so it will take time and energy for it to get back to normal.

I may prescribe some simple stretching or strengthening exercises to target the right areas, in order to help get things back to normal and stay that way.