Chris Sutton

Chris Sutton
Neuromuscular Massage Therapist

I started massage therapy in 2016 when I wanted more than just a job. Through my work I get to study the fascinating human body and gift that knowledge to others by helping them move right and feel great. (Dip. HSc & Th. Massage; Cert. Relaxation Massage; RMT MNZ)

How I work...

No two sessions with me are the same, this is because NMT is client-goal focused; your treatments will vary depending on what you need and want on the day.

Movement dysfunction can lead to abnormal joint wear and strain and can be the preventable cause of many injuries.
Habitual movement patterns, posture and stress can compound these issues which is why regular massage can be so beneficial.

Massage therapy can help by activating and re-engaging switched off muscles, reducing stiffness and tension in muscles acting on joints, relax the body and mind to manage stress, enhance body awareness, all to keep you feeling right and doing the things you love doing!

Every session starts with a consultation that involves questioning and orthopaedic testing, that way I find the best treatment for you on the day.

In my sessions I use: Swedish relaxation massage, trigger point therapy, deep tissue, myofascial release, mobilisation and PNF stretching.

More about me...
Before starting out as a massage therapist I used to work in television. My job title was an On Air Controller and I got to watch TV for eight hours a day. Sounds like bliss, right?
Except I was bored and wanted more. I wanted to really help people and I had a passion for science and living healthy.

Since becoming a massage therapist I have seen so many others improve in their sport, recover from injuries, manage chronic pain. I have even noticed an increase in my own health and wellness.

In my spare time I practice Mixed Martial Arts and explore the beautiful surroundings of the Hibiscus Coast. I especially love to walk the beach and parks with my two daughters, River and Alice, and my wife Myra.

My qualifications... 
Lv4 Certificate in Relaxation Massage Therapy
Lv5 Diploma in Therapeutic Massage Therapy and Health Sciences
Lv6 Diploma in Clinical Massage Therapy

I am Massage New Zealand Registered.